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    • Model : 2.0 inch TFT/240*320 resolution/SPI interface/full viewing angle/sunlight readable/TFT-H020A6QVIST6N10

      Product type:SPI-TFT

      Show contents:240x320

      Outline size(mm) :35.7x51.2x2.3

      Size of View Window(mm):2.0 inch

      Display size(mm) :2.0 inch

      Effective size(mm):30.6x40.8

      Product application:Outdoor instrumentation, vehicle

      Visual angle:Full view

      Backlight type or brightness:600cd/m2

      Connection PIN Number:10pin

      Interface mode:SPI 4-line 8bit serial I/F

      Special instructions:Anti-static ESD 8KV

      Working temperature:-30~80℃

      Power supply voltage:3.3V

      Driver chip model:ST7789

      PDF download
    Product description

    2 Inch 240x320 SPI Micro TFT Display Module ST7789 Sunlight Readable/TFT-H020A6QVIST6N10

     產品描述 TFT-H020A6QVIST6N10是一款2.4英寸全彩TFT液晶顯示模組,分辨率為240x320像素,寬高比為3:4。 TFT模塊采用ST7789V驅動IC,支持SPI接口。 采用IPS面板的TFT模組具有廣視角優勢(左80度/右80度/上80度/下80度),典型對比度為800:1,模組亮度高達600尼特( 典型值)。 模塊工作溫度范圍-30℃~+80℃,儲存溫度范圍-30℃~+80℃。

    General Feature:


    ItemStandard ValueUnit
    Display Size2.0Inch
    Number of Pixels240(H)*3(RGB)* 320(V)dots
    Active Area30.6x40.8mm
    Outline Dimension35.7x51.2x2.3mm
    Viewing DirectionFull O'clock-
    TFT InterfaceSPI-
    TFT Driver IC


    TFT Driver ConditionVCI=3.3V(Typ)V
    Backlight-1White LED/10 PCS/5 LEDs in series, 2 in parallel-
    Touch PanelWithout TP-
    CTP Driver IC--
    CTP Driver Condition-V
    Operation Temperature-30 ~ 80
    Storage Temperature-30 ~ 80
    Backlight brightness600cd/m2


    H020A6QVIST6N10 is a 2.0 inch micro TFT display module, made of resolution 240x320 pixels. This micro LCD display module is built in with ST7789 IC; it supports serial 3-line/4-line SPI interface. This model is having module dimension of 35.7 x 51.2 mm and Active area size of 30.6 x 40.8 mm; it's supply voltage range from for analog is 2.5V to 3.7V (typical 3.3V).

    H020A6QVIST6N10 is a portrait mode micro TFT display, if you would like to use it as landscape mode, please contact with us for more technical support. This 240x320 TFT LCD is featured with brightness 600 cd/m2(typical value), it can be operating at temperatures from -30℃ to 80℃; its storage temperatures range from -30℃ to 80℃.

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