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    Company profile


    Shenzhen Hot Display Technology was established in 2004. Our business scope covers LCD/LCM development, single-chip production and materials processing. In a span of seven years, we have developed thousands of LCD and LCM products for telecom, consumer electronics, medical equipment and other applications. 

    You can choose from our extensive range, including TN, HTN, STN, TAB, COG, CSTN and TFT models. We have successfully handled projects for a number of buyers at home and abroad, thanks to our vast experience, excellent management, R&D and sales teams. We'll put these resources to work to efficiently meet your needs as well. 

    We follow a people-oriented, quality and customer-first approach in all of our dealings. That is why we maintain a clean environment which is conducive for working and take the environment into account during the manufacturing process. Find out more about the benefits of working with us. Contact us today.

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